American Baccalaureate Institute

The American Baccalaureate Institute creates an opportunity for students to take classes within a public high school with American peers, for better English language and cultural immersion, for up to four years.

The benefits of such immersion in preparation for study at an American university is balanced by the international dimension provided to the to the high schools. The American education experience is about the environment of the school, not strictly its location or curriculum.

Our academics team is exploring the most efficient way to implement this alternative to the standard pathway for study in American high school with our partner school districts and the department of education.

The American Baccalaureate Institute is planned with two university-level programs.



The American Baccalaureate Junior College is intended for the brightest international high school students studying in America, allowing them to earn an Associated Degree through coursework endorsed by our partner universities and run through the ABJC.
The American Baccalaureate College (ABC) links curriculums from a range of American universities to partner universities overseas.