Full Diploma Plus

AB programs are offered in full curricula or in curriculum divisions designed to complement an institution’s current academic offerings. Schools that offer a full AB diploma program have the ability to grant students a U.S. high school diploma upon completion of all academic requirements. Schools that offer various curriculum divisions have the ability to award students certificates of completion for each subject upon accomplishing all course requirements. Students will sit for a total of four examination periods throughout the academic year. Examinations are issued and marked by AB officials who may be available to distribute and proctor examinations on site. At the end of each grading period, students may request official transcripts that indicate what courses they have taken and grades earned for each AB course.

Courses in all AB programs are offered for each appropriate grade level from 6th grade to 12th grade. Teachers are provided with a curriculum scope and sequence as well as teaching objectives, syllabi, content and standards for various academic programs. Schools wishing to offer AB programs must acquire an annual license to deliver AB programs and carry its brand and trademarks.

Accredited School Academic Tracks

Accredited schools are granted exclusive rights to their geographical area. They have the choice of offering the 2+2, 3+1, 1+1+2, and 4+0 enrollment options leading to a U.S. High School Diploma from an AB U.S. partner school.
There are four academic tracks for multiple levels of achievement, from the basic high school program to leading to an Associates Degree. These tracks offer different degrees of challenge and opportunities for distinction.

The AB HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA program offers the standard range of courses in a U.S. high school curriculum. Along with official transcripts, students that complete all course requirements in the AB HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA program are eligible to earn a U.S. high school diploma as approved by the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)

The basic AB Diploma Curriculum offers a standard set of American high school courses tied to graduate requirements:

(Each number reflects 1 unit, or a full semester of study. This can be adjusted to include local requirements at international schools.)

AB Plus offers additional challenge through more advanced courses.

In addition to basic coursework, AB includes the following specialized programs to encourage creativity, lateral thinking, and inspiration as part of the AB Plus program:

greenSTEM shows your students how they can use STEM to boost economies while saving the planet.

Cultural Literacy allows your students to deepen their understanding of English while studying key aspects of classical and contemporary Western culture.

Performing Arts encourages your students to cultivate their talents, practice taking risks, and gain an edge in communicating with new people through the performing arts.

Commerce gives your students practical business knowledge with a focus on banking & finance, business statistics, and stocks/currency trading.

Aquaponics exposes students to methods that will allow people to grow abundant food in any environment, from deserts to polluted coastlines to the depths of space.

trekSTEM lets your students discover how they can use STEM to explore our planet & worlds beyond.

Leadership helps your students appreciate the respect and motivation inspired by great leaders through their ethical standards, effective communication, and creative vision.

AB Distinction includes the advanced coursework of AB Plus but also requires an original project demonstrating a capacity to go further and demonstrate practical ingenuity or innovation.

Students pursuing AB Plus in the 1+1+2 program by completing their final two years in the United States have an opportunity to graduate as a Global Scholar by taking courses for college credit and graduating with an Associates Degree from an American college or university. Students pursuing AB Distinction also have a chance to earn an Associates Degree and graduate as a Distinguished Global Scholar.

Curriculum Divisions

Curriculum Divisions, while not offering a U.S. High School Diploma, can enhance their course offerings with individual curriculum divisions such as STEM, Humanities, and the Arts, leading to certificates of completion. As with Accredited Schools, these divisions come with training and support.
AB STEM is a curriculum division comprised of the core U.S. school subjects in mathematics and the natural sciences. It also includes subjects in English. Special strands include greenSTEM and TrekSTEM. Students who complete all of these course requirements are eligible to earn certificates of completion along with official transcripts.

AB HUMANITIES is a curriculum division comprised of the standard social studies & humanities subjects offered in U.S. high schools. Students who complete all AB HUMANITIES course requirements are eligible to earn certificates of completion along with official transcripts.

AB ARTS is a curriculum division comprised of the fine, visual and performing arts subjects offered in U.S. high schools. Students who complete all AB ARTS course requirements are eligible to earn certificates of completion along with official transcripts.

Preparatory Academy Curriculum Division

AB TEST PREP is a curriculum program that prepares international students to sit for the standard university admissions exams such as the SAT and ACT.