How does the AB Curriculum stack up against the competition?

The Cambridge International O & A levels are a holdover from the days of British Empire and by default acquired a broad starting market in the British Commonwealth, where schools used this as a standard teaching curriculum and one exam decided your future. The major selling points are brand awareness and an association with Cambridge University, which led to US$475.52 million in sales and pre-tax net revenue of US$63.14 million in sales in 2015 at over 10,000 schools worldwide. There are 620,000 subject exam submissions each year for O-level courses and 495,000 submissions for A-level.

The International Baccalaureate was developed by the Swiss in 1968 and had a net income of about US$11.4 million out of US$187.4 million in 2014 for a product that emphasizes producing life-long learners who will have an edge in university studies. For that year 4537 schools were teaching the IB curriculum with 137,330 exam candidates.

Neither of these products offers a genuine American curriculum or an opportunity for an American diploma, leaving a rapidly growing market for American-style education without a serious alternative. Cambridge O & A levels and IB fit the expectations of societies that know how to “beat the test” and set up academies for this purpose, but this fails to capture the American education experience and the benefits such an experience has for those wishing to attend university in the United States.

The American Baccalaureate program is an alternative to the British O & A levels and the Swiss International Baccalaureate. Its purpose is twofold:

To offer international students a standardized American curriculum.
To provide American and international universities with a more efficient system for reviewing all prospective student’s grades and application materials.

The American Baccalaureate offers a full high school curriculum and individual modules for concentrations in specific areas. Both the full and partial curricula include courses and assessments via examination as well as test prep.