American Baccalaureate

1How are the programs at American Baccalaureate accredited?
The curricula and professional development programs are produced in coordination with our consortium of partners, including regional service providers and schools authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the United States Department of Education.
2What are the fees for AB programs and services?
We customize our programs and services based on client need and scale with an emphasis on balancing value and affordability. Contact us and let us know how we can help you to receive a quote.
3Are teacher professional development programs available any time? Are they only available in the United States?
These programs are based on the schedule of our partners and the academic calendar in the United States. The programs are short-term to make them more accessible. There may be some flexibility for programs that receive a high volume of applicants.
Currently, these professional development programs are only available in the United States, and our packages include accommodations and opportunities for cultural immersion.
4Does my school have to buy a full AB curriculum?
American Baccalaureate does offer a full curriculum, but schools who already have a core curriculum in place or who must use a government-mandated central curriculum may still opt for our curriculum divisions.
5What requirements do my school’s teachers need to meet to use the AB curriculum?
American Baccalaureate requires teachers and administrators wishing to deliver AB programs to undergo professional training seminars to ensure successful delivery of academic courses.
A minimum of 12 working days is required for completing all training modules. An additional 40 hours of remote consultancy will be available upon completion of training to support participating schools with successful implementation.
6What does the training for use of the AB curriculum cover?
The training involves a focus on:
  1. Creating a student-centered classroom
  2. Writing measurable objectives in line with American standards
  3. Bringing American culture and history to life with meaningful and applicable context for instruction
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7How is AB different than other licensed curriculum packages on the market?
AB offers a four-year program with regular assessments rather than all-or-nothing exams at the end. The program emphasizes an American approach to education and offers a chance to complete part of that education at a high school in the United States.
8Where does the high school diploma with the full AB program come from?
Please see the diploma pathway.