Program Overview

The American Baccalaureate (AB) STEM program is a component of the comprehensive AB U.S. high school curriculum which provides international institutions with the ability to offer U.S. education programs to students in their schools. AB STEM is the component that covers the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects, which serve as the foundation for any STEM-based education at the high school and university-level.


  1. A U.S. curriculum-based assessment of Science, English and Mathematics subjects taught at the U.S. high school level. The foundations and concepts are based on the actual U.S. high school curricula as certified and mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  2. Designed to provide high school (secondary school) graduates and prospective graduates an assessment of the student’s knowledge and mastery of these key subject areas as a prelude to:
    • Further STEM-based study at the U.S. High school or university level
    • More expansive study of the full AB STEM curriculum.



General Science




The English section includes the main precepts in a typical series of courses for high school students with a sampling of English for Speakers of Other Languages.


1Why should you take this exam?
This AB STEM Examination seeks to prepare international students for study in the U.S. by providing international students with a comparative assessment of the subject areas of Science, English, and Mathematics.

The AB STEM Examination has TWO PRIMARY AIMS
PREPARATION: To introduce the student to the American instructional systems for these subject areas, at both the high school and university level.
ADMISSIONS: To provide U.S. based institutions and the student with a standard for assessing his or her STEM proficiency
2When are the examinations?
The AB STEM testing preparation programs will be offered six times a year in most countries, while the actual tests will be available four times per year in most countries.
3When will results be released?
One major advantage of using the AB STEM Testing program is that results are finalized and released within a maximum of ten days from the last test day.
4Where are the exams administered?
The exams will be administered by certified testing centers, typically selected schools, language centers or computer training organizations selected based on strict standards of reliability to ensure strict adherence to testing protocols to ensure the security of the exams.
5Are AB STEM examination prep courses available?
YES! The preparation courses and the series of exams in the subject areas serve to introduce students to the main concepts and learning outcomes in each of the subject areas as presented and mandated in American high schools. This objective considers the different teaching methods and approaches used internationally, which offer differ from American pedagogy in their presentation and delivery.
The programs includes three preparation programs delivered by the Official Testing Centers by qualified instructors. The preparation program for each subject area is normally 3-4 sessions of 4 hours per session. Normally, the programs are delivered over the 3-day period.
6How do i register for the exam?
Registration can be made online on the AB website and in some countries, registration can take place on-site at an official testing center.