AB Professional Development Programs

AB requires teachers and administrators wishing to deliver AB programs to undergo professional training seminars to ensure successful delivery of academic courses. AB professional development programs help overseas educators understand and learn how to implement American academic theory, pedagogy and best practices for the classroom and for school administration.

A minimum of 12 working days is required for completing all training modules. An additional 40 hours of remote consultancy will be available upon completion of training to support participating schools with successful implementation.

Teaching Methodologies

The Teacher Training program offers a comprehensive teacher training program of multiple distinct modules that incorporate the principles and foundations of contemporary methods. This allows new and experienced teachers to learn the best and most current teaching practices.

That training involves a focus on:
A. Creating a student-centered classroom
B. Writing measurable objectives that align with American national and state standards for education
C. Bringing American culture and history to life with meaningful and applicable context for instruction

School Governance and American Pedagogy

The American system of Public Education; Effective Planning and Preparation, Fostering an Ideal Classroom Environment, Engaging Pedagogical Instruction, Meeting Professional Responsibilities
United States Department of Education (USDE)
Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Academic Standards and Assessment
a. Content and Pedagogy
b. Lesson Design
c. Curriculum
d. Knowledge of Students
e. Instructional Outcomes
f. Resource Knowledge
g. Coherent Instructional Design
h. Student Assessment and Accountability
a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
b. Establishing a Culture for Learning
c. Classroom Management and Procedure
d. Preparing for Student Engagement
e. Organizing Physical Space to Maximize Learning
f. Assessing Opportunities for Student Success
a. Communication with Students
b. Effective Question and Discussion Technique
c. Engaging Students in Learning
d. Using Data-Driven Assessment
e. Demonstration of Learning and Instruction
f. Special and Gifted Education
g. Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
h. University in High School
a. Instructional Reflection
b. Professional Learning Communities
c. Demonstrating Professionalism
d. Portfolios

Upon completion of AB teacher training, instructors qualify for different tiers of certification. Over the course of their career, instructors can earn higher levels of certification as they progress through more professional development programs.

AB Teacher

AB Certified Teachers are certified to deliver AB U.S. academic programs effectively

AB Master Instructor

AB Master Instructors are certified to train other teachers to deliver AB U.S. academic programs to students at their school

AB Executive Instructor

AB Executive Master Instructors are certified to administer and oversee the comprehensive delivery of AB academic programs as administrators at a school

Department of Education. Teachers from outside of the United States can travel here for housing, sightseeing, and cultural immersion while receiving the same professional development courses and enrichment and earn certificates of completion they can return with to their home countries. This service offers a chance for these teachers to learn about topics such as American educational philosophy, pedagogy, creative engagement, and assessment and apply these lessons to their classrooms. These courses can include time spent in American school classrooms with students as part of a school lab.